Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much does a model cost?

The cost of a model varies with its complexity and the amount of labor and materials involved. Please e-mail for an estimate. 

  • How soon can I have my model?

We strive to deliver your model in the timing you need. For tight turnarounds, we also have rush options available.

  • Can I visit your shop?

Yes, we would be glad to schedule an appointment. A meeting at the shop allows the whole team to weigh in on your project quickly, which can expedite the process, particularly on complex projects. 

  • What is your production capacity?

Prototyping and Appearance Models: Individual or small quantities of high quality, highly finished models for development, marketing, or product launches.

Bespoke Manufacturing: Short-run manufacturing a variety of techniques including high-speed machining, soft-tooling, additive manufacturing, and hand fabrication.